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September 13, 2022Marcus Hellberg

Develop a full-stack Java application with Kafka and Spring Boot

What You Will Build You will build a full-stack reactive web app that sends and receives messages through Kafka. The app uses Spring Boot and Java on the server, Lit and TypeScript on the client, and the Hilla framework for components and communication. What You Will Need 20 minutes Java 11 or newer…
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June 13, 2022Mikael Sukoinen

New release: Hilla 1.1

The first new Hilla minor release, version 1.1, is out now! We roll out updates to the Hilla framework with quarterly minor releases that both fix bugs and introduce new features. The previous version, Hilla 1.0.6, is being maintained for 3 more months – so update now! What's new? Hilla 1.1 ships…
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June 2, 2022Marcus Hellberg

Sending web push notifications from Spring Boot

Web push notifications are a way of informing your app users when something important has happened. Users can receive web push notifications even when they are not actively using your application, for instance, if the app is open in a background tab or even if it's not open. Push notifications are…
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May 12, 2022Artur Signell

Reactive endpoints: pushing data to the frontend

Despite being on the web where millions or billions of people move around every day, web applications always tend to start out as being single-user applications. Not in the sense that only one user can log in or one user can use the application at a time but, as a user of the application, you don’t…
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February 16, 2022Leif Åstrand

Why we built Hilla

Does the world really need yet another frontend framework? We believe it does, because different frameworks have different underlying assumptions that lead to optimizing for different things. Let's take a look at the principles that have led us to build Hilla as a framework that integrates Spring…
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