November 21, 2023Marcus Hellberg

Hilla 2.4 simplifies form creation and CRUD operations

We're excited to introduce Hilla 2.4, featuring new components aimed at improving developer productivity in business web application development. This release includes AutoForm and AutoCrud, designed to streamline the creation of forms and CRUD views.

AutoForm: Streamlining Form Management

AutoForm simplifies the creation and management of forms for interacting with backend services. Here's how it integrates into your code:

Backend service

public class OrderService
        extends CrudRepositoryService<Order, Long, OrderRepository> {



import { AutoForm } from "@hilla/react-crud";
import { OrderService } from "Frontend/generated/endpoints";
import OrderModel from "./generated/com/example/application/db/OrderModel";

<AutoForm service={OrderService} model={OrderModel} />;

With this integration, AutoForm automatically generates a form for managing your data entities, including fields for all entity properties and handling data submissions to the save method of your CrudService.

Customization Options

AutoForm provides customization capabilities, allowing you to control field visibility, layout, and field-specific properties.

    visibleFields: ["fullName", "email"],
    fieldOptions: {
      fullName: {
        label: "Full Name",

These features enable you to tailor forms to specific application requirements.

AutoCrud: Simplifying CRUD Operations

AutoCrud automates CRUD views and actions that connect to a Java backend service. It includes a grid that is sortable, filterable, and supports lazy loading, as well as a form for CRUD operations.

import { AutoCrud } from "@hilla/react-crud";
import { OrderService } from "Frontend/generated/endpoints";
import OrderModel from "./generated/com/example/application/db/OrderModel";

<AutoCrud service={OrderService} model={OrderModel} />;

This integration renders a grid and form, managing CRUD operations. Selecting an entity in the grid auto-populates the form, facilitating edits and deletions.

A CRUD view with a grid and a form.
A CRUD view with a grid and a form.

Grid and Form Customization

AutoCrud supports detailed customization for both grid and form components, allowing developers to define visible columns and column properties, and manage field visibility and layout in forms.

  gridProps={{ visibleColumns: ["fullName", "email"] }}
  formProps={{ visibleFields: ["fullName", "email"] }}

These customization options provide developers with control over data presentation and management.

Upgrading to Hilla 2.4

To upgrade to Hilla 2.4, update the version in your project's pom.xml file:


For new Hilla projects, use the CLI:

npx @hilla/cli create my-app


Hilla 2.4 offers tools to enhance efficiency in web development. AutoForm and AutoCrud allow developers to focus on unique application features, reducing repetitive tasks. For a complete overview of the updates, see the release notes on GitHub.

Marcus Hellberg

Marcus Hellberg

Marcus is the VP of Developer Relations at Vaadin. His daily work includes everything from writing blogs and tech demos to attending events and giving presentations on all things Vaadin and web-related.

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