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The type-safe web framework
for Java

Hilla is an open source framework that integrates a Spring Boot Java backend with a reactive TypeScript frontend. It works with React or Lit and helps you build business apps faster with type-safe server communication, included UI components, and integrated tooling.

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Hilla + React
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Type-safe server access

Simplify secure data access from the client. Create type-safe endpoint Java classes and let Hilla take care of the rest, no need to create a REST API. Calling a back-end method is as simple as calling an async TypeScript function.

UI components included

Save time with dozens of ready-made Vaadin web components that encapsulate rich functionality and work with React or Lit. Start with a beautiful base theme and customize it to meet your needs.

Fast and flexible

Hilla offers a zero-configuration toolchain for building web apps that combine both your front-end UI and Java stack in a single project. Choose from React or Lit for your frontend.

Zero configuration

Full-stack & single deployment

Hilla offers a zero-configuration toolchain for building web apps that combine both your front-end UI and Java stack in a single project. Fetching data from the Java backend is straightforward, thanks to automatically-generated TypeScript code.

Simple type-safe server communication

Hilla simplifies full-stack app development with unique type-safe server communication.

  • Use autocomplete to quickly find APIs
  • Refactor with confidence: catch errors while developing, not in production
  • Automatic TypeScript type generation based on Java endpoints

Shared validation rules for server and client

Hilla helps ensure data integrity by sharing validation rules across server and client.

  • Define validation rules with Java bean validators
  • The same rules apply to input fields in forms
  • Hilla automatically re-validates the saved object on the server
  • Lit only, React support coming soon.

Choose your frontend: React or Lit

Hilla supports two options for building your frontend: Lit and React.

  • Compose views out of reactive components with declarative templates
  • Explore backend APIs with autocomplete thanks to TypeScript
  • Access the same library of UI components regardless of framework
Hilla + React

              @PWA(name = "Hilla App", shortName = "Hilla")
              public class Application
                      extends SpringBootServletInitializer
                      implements AppShellConfigurator {

                  public static void main(String[] args) {
                      SpringApplication.run(Application.class, args);


Powered by Spring Boot

Hilla uses Spring Boot on the server. It means you can get started quickly and have access to the full power of the Spring ecosystem:

  • Access your database easily with Spring Data.
  • Secure your app with Spring Security.
  • Deploy your app as a standalone JAR.
All the tools you need

Components and tools included

Hilla helps you start fast and stay productive by including everything you need in one package.

  • Dozens of UI components from combo boxes to complex grids.
  • A customizable design system to match your brand.
  • Figma design kit to help designers and developers work together.
  • Unified front-end and back-end build tooling. Run the entire app with Maven.
Vaadin components

Features to build faster

Here are some of the great features that give you a headstart.

Powerful forms

Hilla lets you share validations between server and client. Add bean validations on your Java objects and use them to validate input fields. Hilla will automatically re-validate on the server. Available for Lit. React Formik support is coming soon.

Stateless by default

Hilla apps are easy to scale because they are stateless by default. Stay performant and cost-effective no matter how much your business grows.

Secure endpoints by default

Access control features are enabled by default for all endpoint methods. Hilla uses Spring Security for securing your app.

Full-stack reactive

Build full-stack reactive apps with Hilla's support for reactive Flux and Mono data types in endpoints.

Autocompletion everywhere

Speed up development and browse APIs through auto complete. Hilla generates TypeScript types automatically based on your endpoint definitions.

Open Source

Hilla is hosted in a public GitHub repository where you can view, extend and modify the source code and report issues.

Productivity with Spring Boot

Hilla helps you be productive by seamlessly integrating with Spring Boot, the industry standard for building fast and secure enterprise Java apps. In addition, Maven and Vite are preconfigured to work together, while Live Reload lets you see the result of your code as you go.

Support available

Need enterprise-grade support? Choose from one of our commercial subscriptions to get access to expert support plus advanced components such as Charts, Grid Pro, Board, and more.

Customizable look and feel

The included Vaadin components expose their styleable parts, allowing them to be adapted to a custom design system. Built-in CSS custom properties make changing application-wide settings straightforward.

Connect to SSO systems

Integrate your Hilla app with third-party identity providers, and allow your users to benefit from single sign-on capabilities. The SSO Kit is part of the Acceleration Kits and is available as a commercial feature.

Modern web + modern Java =

We think Java web apps deserve some love. That's why we built Hilla, the modern web framework built specifically for Java backends.

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