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No more juggling REST endpoints or deciphering GraphQL queries. Hilla seamlessly connects Spring Boot and React to accelerate application development.

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Call Java services directly from React

Use @BrowserCallable to make a Spring @Service class available to your browser. Hilla uses Spring Security to ensure only the right people have access.

              public class CustomerService {
                  public List<Customer> getCustomers() {
                      // Fetch customers from DB or API

Access the service from TypeScript through a simple async method call, type information included.

              function CustomerList() {
                // Customer type is automatically generated by Hilla
                  const [customers, setCustomers] = useState<Customer[]>([]);

                  useEffect(() => {
                  }, []);

                  return (
                      <ComboBox items={customers} />

Move fast without breaking stuff with end-to-end type safety

Spend less time reading API docs and more time coding. Automatically generated TypeScript services and data types allow you to explore APIs right in your IDE. Breaking changes to the API leads to compile-time errors instead of runtime errors in the frontend.

Automatically complete code in IDE

Ensure data consistency with shared form validation logic

Define validation rules in the Java model object, Hilla will automatically reuse them in your React form. On form submit, Hilla automatically re-validates the input in your Spring service.

              public class Customer {

                @NotBlank(message = "Name is mandatory")
                private String name;

                @NotBlank(message = "Email is mandatory")
                private String email;

                // Getters and setters

The Hilla useForm hook uses the generated TypeScript model to apply the validation rules to the form fields.

              function CustomerForm() {

                const {model, field, submit} = useForm(CustomerModel, {
                    onSubmit: CustomerService.saveCustomer

                return (
                  <TextField label="Name" {...field(} />
                  <EmailField label="Email" {...field(} />
                  <Button onClick={submit}>Save</Button>

UI components included

Hilla comes with an arsenal of pre-built UI components designed for complex, data-heavy business applications. Easily customize forms, data grids, editors, and more to fit your brand. All components are rigorously tested to ensure WCAG 2.2 AA accessibility.

Vaadin components

No lock-in: Hilla supports any React components, so you can also bring your own or mix and match as needed.

Stream live updates to the browser with ease

With support for reactive data types, you can build real-time dashboards, notifications, and more without managing websockets yourself.

To stream data from the Spring Boot backend to the React frontend, return a Project Reactor Flux data type from your service.

              public class CustomerService {
                  public Flux<Customer> getOnlineCustomers() {
                      return Flux.just(/*...Online customers...*/);

Then subscribe to the stream and update the client state as new data comes in.

              function OnlineCustomers() {
                  const [onlineCustomers, setOnlineCustomers] = useState<Customer[]>([]);

                  // Instead of awaiting a single response, subscribe to the stream of data
                  useEffect(() => {
                  }, []);

                  return (
                        items={ => ({
                            img: customer.profilePicture
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More reasons to choose Hilla

Powerful forms with shared validations

Add Java bean validations to your server-side objects, and Hilla will automatically apply those validations on the client side. Plus, re-validation on the server ensures data integrity.

Stateless and scalable

Your Hilla app stays nimble and cost-effective, scaling easily because it's stateless by default. You focus on growing your business; we ensure your app can handle it.

Secure communication out-of-the-box

Hilla uses Spring Security to enable access control features by default for all your endpoint methods. Build secure apps without the boilerplate.

Built-in support for streaming data

Build apps that are as dynamic as your business. Hilla fully supports reactive Flux and Mono data types for seamless real-time experiences.

Works with React and Lit frontends

Hilla also supports building the frontend with the Google Lit library, if you prefer. This allows you to build the entire app using web component standards.

TypeScript autocompletion

Say goodbye to constant API doc browsing. Hilla's automatic TypeScript type generation lets you explore your API right within your IDE, speeding up development.

Truly open source

Extend, modify, or even contribute to Hilla. Hilla is Apache 2.0 licensed and hosted on a public GitHub repository. You're encouraged to engage with the code and the community!

A web framework designed for Spring Boot

Hilla is designed to work hand-in-glove with Spring Boot. Enjoy a smooth developer experience with pre-configured Maven and Vite setups and real-time code reloading via Live Reload.

Enterprise support options

For those requiring a bit more, choose from our commercial subscriptions. Get expert support and gain access to premium features like Charts, Grid Pro, and more.

Your brand, your look

Customize the included UI components easily through exposed styleable parts and CSS custom properties. The included Figma design kit ensures designers and developers speak the same language for smooth handovers.

Accessible components

Everyone deserves better business apps. That's why the included Vaadin UI components are continuously tested to ensure good support for assistive devices and technologies.

Single Sign-On Support

Easily integrate your Hilla app with third-party identity providers for a seamless user experience. Our SSO Kit, part of the Acceleration Kits, is available for commercial use.

GraalVM native image support

Compile your Hilla application into a GraalVM native image for lightning-fast startup times and minimal resource use.

Installable on any device

You can configure your Hilla application to generate a PWA ServiceWorker and manifest file with a simple annotation, making your app installable on any device.

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