CSS utility classes
A set of CSS utility classes that enable you to build any UI without custom CSS.
Customizing the configuration of a Hilla application for both the development environment and for execution.
Connection indicator
The connection indicator informs the user of the server connection status, and indicates loading progress if network requests take some time. Its duration and style are configurable.
Endpoint generator
The endpoint generator produces TypeScript files based on the information from an OpenAPI document that’s generated from Java (or other JVM language) files.
Feature flags
You can enable preview features with feature flags. Preview features are unstable, and the behavior, API, and/or look and feel of these features might change before and if they become a stable feature.
Type conversion
Understanding conversion of data types from Java to TypeScript and vice versa.
Type nullability
TypeScript client
Understanding the Hilla TypeScript client library, the default TypeScript client, and generated client modules.