Hilla Documentation

Advanced Topics

Multi-Module Engine
Using a Hilla Engine — a pluggable set of Java bytecode parser & TypeScript AST generator.
Type Conversion between Java and TypeScript
Understanding conversion of data types from Java to TypeScript and vice versa.
TypeScript Endpoints Generator
Understanding the Hilla TypeScript endpoints generator, type nullability, and how the generator generates TypeScript from the OpenAPI specification.
TypeScript Client
Understanding the Hilla TypeScript client library, the default TypeScript client, and generated client modules.
Client middleware
In Hilla, middleware intercepts the request and response for every call, so it’s able to process requests and their responses.
Endpoint Method Validation
In Hilla, the parameters of an endpoint method are automatically validated and, if validation fails, a corresponding response is sent back to the browser.
Endpoint URLs
How endpoint URLs are composed in Hilla, and how to modify them.
TypeScript Definitions of Components
Understanding how to use Vaadin components' TypeScript definitions with web components in TypeScript views.
The Connection Indicator
The connection indicator informs the user of the server connection status, and indicates loading progress if network requests take some time. Its duration and style are configurable.
Cancelling Endpoint Requests
Hilla endpoint requests can be cancelled using standard AbortControllers.
Reactive Endpoints
Tutorial on Using Project Reactor in Hilla Endpoints.